deadmau5 - OSC PILOT

deadmau5 - OSC PILOT

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Make beautiful Uls in minutes!

- Simple drag interface means laying out a new UI takes no time at all.
- Multiple workspaces allow for different UIs to be used from within one project.
- Multi-Touch fully supported. Drive the UI with as many fingers as your touch display supports.
- Preview NDI® feeds directly in your UI with the NDI widget.

Supports sending and receiving OSC (Open Sound Control) data
- Send OSC data to control other applications and devices that support OSC
- Control visual applications such as TouchDesigner, vvvv, Resolume, VDMX, Notch etc.
- Receive OSC data from external sources to drive the content currently shown in the UI

Supports sending MIDI.
- Connect to devices directly plugged into the computer
- Send MIDI to other computers and applications using network MIDI tools tools such as rtpMIDI and loopMIDI.
- Control Ableton Live, bitwig and other audio applications using your own custom UI.

Supports Windows 8.1 and 10

Show Ready

Used for years by deadmau5 on tour as his control surface for shows.
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