SEASON 1: Limited Edition Collectible Keychains + Exclusive Digital Access Pass (Blind Box)

Sale price$29.99
Attention horde! Season 1: Ultra Limited Edition deadmau5 Collectible Plush Keychains are finally here!

Each one includes a special Exclusive Digital Access pass (powered by Jellybean) which grants fans access to exclusive content, discounts and much more! Clip the collectible keychains to your bag, your luggage or just save & preserve them because they are *ultra limited edition.*

These blind box, randomly assorted deadmau5 plush keychains include ONE (1) of 6 unique characters, each with their own unique rarity in the collection:

CLASSIC mau5 - Most Common - 30%
MIXED mau5 - 22%
CHEESE mau5 - 18%
DISCO mau5 - 14%
PIXL mau5 - 10%
MEOWINGTONS - Most Rare - 6%

Designed and created by the award winning toy manufacturer TOYMAK3RS exclusively for deadmau5. Collect them all! Certain styles will be *retired* after this drop. Shop early to avoid disappointment.

Includes: 1 x Box, 1 x Foil Bag, 1 x Randomly assorted plush keychain and 1 x Exclusive Digital Access Pass

Size: 4" inches
Material: Polyester, all new material
Made in China
Designed and manufactured by TOYMAK3RS